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What is Voxel-Guided Morphometry (VGM)?

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VGM detects structural differences in whole brain volume in longitudinal and cross-sectional studies intraindividually and for groups.
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Highest accuracy and reliability enable maximized informative value!
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Best performance through economical, powerful and agile process!
vgmorph VGM Key technology

cutting edge

Key technology underpinned by current scientific studies!
vgmorph Venous Diameter Changes
Example of VGM analysis

Voxel-Guided Morphometry (VGM) is a method for accurate morphometric analysis of brain changes based on MRI scans.

By comparing different individuals (‘cross-sectional’ analysis) or serial examinations of the same individual (individual longitudinal analysis), individual examinations and also group analyses can be performed.

The results are visualized, absolutely quantified and statistically evaluated.

Our mission

New dimensions in brain morphometry

New dimensions in brain morphometry
We are rethinking the analysis of brain imaging data.

Voxel-Guided Morphometry (VGM) offers an innovative approach to analyze volumetric data of the brain and thus to accurately visualize structural changes of the brain. This provides a significantly improved understanding of change processes in the brain.

By using VGM, a forward-looking diagnostic approach can be achieved with the aim of sustainably improving the health and quality of life of patients.

Who benefits from VGM?


Pharmaceutical companies

To assist in clinical trials in all clinical phases in assessing the efficacy of new drugs or therapeutic procedures

Universities and academic research institutions

Cooperations in projects to study structural changes in the brain - in humans and/or animals


Assist in the evaluation of serial patient MRIs of patients with neurological or neurosurgical conditions.

MRI/CT manufacturing companies and app developers

Options for integrating the VGM software into diagnostic devices

Strengths of VGM:

Powerful & informative

Benefits for users

New insights through better data

Quality of results

Gain in knowledge


Speed and quality of service


Pharmacological studies


Our cooperation partners

With the best recommendations

Contributions to scientific publications (selection)

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