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Dabringhaus & Kraemer

The brains behind VGMorph GmbH

They are among the pioneers of Voxel-Guided Morphometry. During their successful collaboration on research projects, they constantly developed and optimized VGM. The desire to harness the potential and application maturity of this method resulted in the foundation of their own company.

The Physicist

Dr. rer. nat.
Andreas Dabringhaus

Managing Director

Andreas Dabringhaus is a theoretical physicist and received his PhD on a topic in quantum field theory.

He then moved to the research area of 3D image registration and specifically brain morphometry, where a number of physical and mathematical principles such as elasticity theory, fluid dynamics and Riemannian geometry find their application.

On the other hand, Andreas Dabringhaus is always interested in the practical implementation of theoretical foundations in efficient algorithms. Among other things, current methods from the field of AI are used here.

The Neurologist

Matthias Kraemer, MD

Managing Director

Matthias Kraemer is a specialist in neurology and has held leading positions in neurology, neurorehabilitation and neurological-neurosurgical early rehabilitation for many years.

His scientific interests include MRI imaging of the human brain and structural morphometric analysis of its changes over time.

Such changes can be induced and maintained by a wide variety of factors such as aging or developmental processes, learning, pharmacological manipulation, or multiple neurological diseases.
Diseases such as stroke, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or dementia, inflammatory processes and others can be better understood in this way and possibly treated more effectively in the future.

In addition, it has been known for some time that the brain also exhibits significantly more plasticity than previously thought, so that changes in shape and volume can be induced by training and learning, much like muscles.

By using Voxel-Guided Morphometry, Matthias seeks to help analyze, image, and quantify the structural change of the brain between different groups through statistical comparisons as well as individually for each subject or patient.

This should contribute to a deeper understanding of the human brain in healthy and diseased individuals.

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